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Hi, I'm Daniel D'Alonzo. I am the founder of Cooperative Impact. This feed is available for you to ask me any question about learning, learning design, instructional design, designing transformative experiences, and pretty much anything related to the transformation of people and the organizations they bring to life and manage.

Tuesday, November 13th, 2021

Explore the Four Movements as a methodology during live video call with Daniel D'Alonzo. RSVP to get a Zoom link to the join the call. The session will be recorded, and it will not be shared with participants - you must attend live to participate.


Come back home to yourself and take full ownership of your life.


Develop relationships with culturally aligned people, places, and things.


Cultivate underutilized potential from within your community.


Bring real world projects through the venture life cycle by starting from within.

Cooperative Impact is an evidence-based evolutionary theory

This moment in history, perhaps, can represent a significant transition when learners decide how they want to design their life based on who they are right now. We ask questions like, "Who would you like to become? What do you believe about yourself and the world? What is important to you?"

This is an invitation for learners to bring their whole self into the way they carve out a place for themselves in the new economy. What if such a change could start from within? What if that change could be initiated by the individual rather than by force? What would that world look like?