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Apprenticeships are virtual learning and earning experiences with one of our partners.

  • Work Site: One of our partner organizations
  • Training Organization: Cooperative Impact
  • Length: Month-to-month contracts

Apprentices typically play a critical role on a global team co-creating new products, workshops, and educational content for new and existing community members. This is an opportunity to meaningfully impact lives around the world while developing new skills and applying them in real work scenarios.

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You will learn skills and gain real work experience in some or all of the following areas:

  • Bring your personal passion and gifts into your work
  • Have empathetic conversations with coworkers and clients
  • Align on purpose with a diverse team and compassionate leader
  • Strengthen social ties across geographic divides
  • Work effectively in a globally distributed/remote team
  • Provide exceptional service and support to community members
  • Facilitate inspiring virtual experiences
  • Establish a new program through relationships at universities around the world
  • Design blended learning experiences
  • Improve user experience of existing digital products
  • Create on-brand, engaging digital assets
  • Collaborate on strategic roadmap and marketing plan
  • Nurture relationships with partners around the world
  • Analyze campaign results to suggest improvements
  • Manage paid ads on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest
  • Design landing pages with copy that converts
  • Schedule and conduct customer interviews

Our intention is to train and develop a candidate who will eventually be invited to onboard as an account manager and/or digital media creator and continue working remotely with an increase in pay, flexibility to set own hours, and potential for long-term work.

Culture Fit

Prior to starting a new apprenticeship with Cooperative Impact, we require you attend at least one upcoming virtual event hosted by the company you’re interested in doing the apprenticeship. We have a long waitlist of people who want to be an apprentice. When you receive an email invitation from us to attend an upcoming event it means your name is up next on the list. We want you to have an opportunity to meet the founder of the company, experience their community, perhaps chat one-on-one, and see how it feels for both of you. Most of these events are free or donation-based.

Tip: If your intention is to build a life and career for yourself, we recommend that you attend several events – show up and make yourself known.

Training and Work

You will receive one-on-one and group training from our leadership team while being supported to do your best work. Each 30-day contract outlines specific learning goals, skills and competencies you will acquire by the end of the 30-days, and the potential work you will complete. You will receive certification with verified evaluations from Cooperative Impact and the company that hosts you. There are online learning modules and discussion forums where you interact with other apprentices, interns, and students from our various programs. These components of the program are self-directed so you can complete the work during times that are convenient for you.

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Cooperative Impact provides 30-day contracts to train you, manage you, and pay you on the 15th and 30th day of each contract. Apprentices are paid as independent contractors. Each apprenticeship opportunity will have different payment structures, and they typically pay apprentices a total monthly stipend within the range of $500/month to $2,000 month.

Training Provider

Cooperative Impact is a 21st century learning platform for lifelong learners who crave modern skills and emotional intelligence training through hands-on, real-world projects that cultivate their superpowers, help them navigate uncertainty, and give them tools to shape the “new normal”. Our mission is to equip more non-traditional learners with social mobility by nurturing a diverse community that inspires them in their lifelong pursuit to become compassionate innovators, authentic creators, and critical linchpins bridging the old world with the new economy.

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When you’re ready, click the link below and you’ll be taken the application page. Application process takes about 5-10 minutes.

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