The ROI of Compassion

CI Workshop ROI of Compassion w Magalie René

Workshop: The ROI of Compassion

Facilitator: Magalie René

Date/Time: 7-16-2020 at 4pm EST

Description: Magalie says, “The future of work is compassionate.” This workshop is a brief introduction to compassionate leadership. The workshop will dissect what compassion really is and how to wield it effectively in the workplace. It will also explore what tangible value practicing radical compassion offers for the organizations and leaders who commit to it.

Objectives: learn how to

  • discuss the business metrics impacted by compassion
  • articulate the qualities of a workplace that is not compassionate
  • discern the qualities of a compassionate leader

Notes from the live workshop:

Compassionate leadership can be viewed on a spectrum ranging from Sympathy to Empathy to Compassion. Compassion is love in action. To create the environment you desire, evolve beyond sympathy and empathy and into compassion – from there, change becomes possible.

Distinctions of Compassionate Leadership

  • Clarity of vision. intentional. Start at the end.
  • Look at obstacles as opportunities.
  • Compassion becomes the way to problem solve.
  • Leaders create other leaders.

ROI of Compassion

  • reduces turnover
  • employee engagement
  • trust and safety
  • share ideas and issues openly
  • customer satisfaction

Problems of Toxic Culture (group shares)

  • afraid of being fired
  • stress
  • anxiety
  • gossip
  • fear
  • feel like don’t belong
  • suppressed ideas
  • resentment
  • unexpected lay offs
  • loss of loyalty

Concerns of Compassion (group shares)

  • can we focus on bottom line if we are compassionate?
  • if spaces are too vulnerable does it lead to boundaries being crossed?

Replay the Workshop

  • Zoom link
  • Password: 7R+?5L+@

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2 Responses to The ROI of Compassion

  1. Thanks Magalie! I didn’t attend alive but I watched the recording + appreciate the notes. @daniel a compassionate culture feels safe and open and accepting! Looking forward to the fall program starting soon!

  2. Magalie – An hour for this topic wasn’t enough! Thanks for making the experience highly valuable. I’m curious if anyone has any thoughts on what a compassionate culture looks like? What does it feel like?

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