Build a Company People Love

CI Corporate Innovation Bootcamp

Cultivate a compassionate culture that builds loyalty through authentic, meaningful contributions to the stakeholder community.

You will learn to:

  • create a container of safety for stakeholders to share vulnerably
  • cultivate compassion to influence the authenticity of your offers
  • identify an opportunity to serve unmet stakeholder needs
  • align stakeholder needs with a Sustainable Development Goal
  • build alignment alongside stakeholders as you co-create
  • rapidly prototype, iterate, and validate your new offer
  • integrate your new impact project into your organization

At the end of the program, you will standardize an operating model to leverage compassionate innovation within a company to make meaningful, authentic contributions to your stakeholders, and be empowered to support others to identify innovation opportunities, build solutions, and do the work that makes things better.

  • Cost:
    • Early Bird: $299
    • Standard: $399
    • Social Enterprise/Non-Profit/Government/Education: $99
  • Duration: Expect to invest one full-day of work with approx 4 hours of instruction
  • When: September 2020

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