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Cooperative Impact

Create a cohort-driven learning experience at Emergence

Project-based learning experience for visionary leaders to create a cohort-driven program that can evolve themselves, their communities, and the ecosystems that support them.

What’s included:

Path (the plan): Create space to start this journey from within. Bring your whole self into the way you design a self-directed personalized learning plan to bring yourself from where you are right now into the unknown.

Ecosystem (the platform): Login to an online platform comprised of the people, places, and things we use to facilitate cohort-driven experiences.

Library (the assets): Clone anything you see in our growing asset collections from previous cohorts that we make fully available for re-use.

Seed (the venture): Walkaway with a Seed of Emergence containing your Path, Ecosystem, and Library that you can clone, build upon, and install into a web server of your choice. Step-by-step instructions included.

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This experience is broken down into the following areas that are integrated in a learning ecosystem that you login to access.

Path: start by designing a personalized learning plan using an existing framework you can reproduce as needed.

Documentation: streamline the process of turning your 8-week experience into your own cohort-program.

Modules: nine hand-crafted interactive courses comprised of microlessons as videos, images, text, and audio.

Prompts: powerful questions to excavate yourself and deepen understanding of who you are and what you have learned.

Clusters: self-organized social emotional peer support groups planned, facilitated, and managed by learners.

Globals: leadership-organized gatherings for cohort-wide participants to check-in, ask questions, and stay on track.

Forum: online space for learners to respond to prompts, interact with one another, and integrate learnings.

Portfolio: create and manage digital assets to integrate into the learning ecosystem you are designing for your community.

Lab: all components of this program are placed inside an online space provided by our partner organization, Sacred Venture.

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Clone anything you see in the following list of assets that are tested, continuously proven upon, and are now made available for your use in building out your program.

  • Virtual Estate Plan: ecosystem design, staircase of emergence outlining who/what/when/where/how/why each asset is created along the way based on your needs
  • Microsite: home page, landing pages, information pages for you to clone
  • Lab: online learning ecosystem for you to clone and build upon
  • Methodology: understand yourself and your learners to design culturally relevant, adaptive curriculum
  • Patterns: behaviors within six archetypes that represent the work throughout this 8-week journey
  • Archetypes: embody the characters representing key behaviors
  • Curriculum: path to achieve learning objectives and outcomes
  • Shareables: new media designed to create context and educate
  • Copywriting: written words included in all content published
  • Emails: program announcement, vision, enrollment, nurturing
  • Forms: email opt-in, application, user registration
  • Paid Ad Formula: step-by-step research process; landing pages, forms, and emails for experimentation; target audience with traits organized by theme, date and times we ran the ads, and the outcomes are shown as a number which stands for the amount of people the ad converted at a given time and day
  • Retrospective: post-program reflection of insights and next steps

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Please expect the following steps to enroll yourself in this experience:

  • Application: submit your application by clicking through to the application page.
  • Video Call: you will receive an email invitation to schedule a call with the Program Director, Daniel DAlonzo.
  • Tuition: after the video call, you will receive a dedicated payment link to make your tuition payment.


Applications are reviewed as they come in. This experience is self-paced and can start and stop as needed.

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Please reach out to the Program Director, Daniel DAlonzo, anytime with questions, comments, or concerns at

Learning experiences built using the Four Movements


Project-based learning experience for visionary leaders to create a cohort-driven program that can evolve themselves, their communities, and the ecosystems that support them.

Emergence is an adaptation from its original 16-week program we first launched in 2010 at Rutgers University. Back then, the learners focused on the community within and around their university. Today, learners have expanded their understanding of community without borders.


21-day immersive experience to learn how to transmute who you are and what you believe into income-producing digital assets.

Worldbuilders is a 21-day immersive retreat experience that was inspired by the 2020 Emergence cohort who turned out to truly be Worldbuilders. We tested the retreat concept in Costa Rica in 2021, and are now gearing up to follow through with the end-to-end journey in November 2022.


Four eight-hour days of experimental workshops to create valuable projects for your world while using business to sustain and maximize your impact.

Cooperative Impact first began as a Social Innovation Unconference. After immersing into the community in 2014, we developed relationships with cross-sector stakeholders who had beautiful stories to share. The event felt like a natural next step.

Cooperative Impact was founded in 2015.

In 2020, we made it official. Cooperative Impact is now registered in the State of New Jersey as a for-profit corporation. We are a social enterprise that is shaping the compassionate future of work and life.

For any questions, please contact

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