Launch a venture that impacts the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and lead from the future as it unfolds.

As the pandemic created disorder it also honored us with an opportunity for a new world to emerge. The virtual nature of our life, work, and learning uniquely positions you to come together with change makers from around the world to align on purpose with the intention of surfacing profound systemic innovations that shape the "new normal".

In this program, you will explore the method known as The Four Movements to influence profound systemic innovations that serve human needs. The program is designed to support you in the application of the method to an issue that matters to you while developing your capacity to be a leader of transformative change. You will work alongside changemakers coming from various parts of the world as we cooperatively carve out new approaches to serve our most pressing social and environmental challenges.

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Length 8 Weeks
Effort 4-6 hrs/week
Cost $0 or purchase verified certificate for $99
Company Cooperative Impact
Topic Emergent Leadership
Type Self-Directed Cohort

Meet your facilitators

You'll interact with them in live workshops or you'll see them in video recordings from previous events

Quddus Phillippe

Quddus Phillippe


Karina Turtzo

Karina Turtzo


Joan P. Ball

Joan P. Ball

Service Design

Magalie René

Magalie René


Shira Lazar

Shira Lazar


Jordana Reim

Jordana Reim


Jessica Lipman

Jessica Lipman


Amber J Lawson

Amber J Lawson


Ezra Bookman

Ezra Bookman


Aviva Mohilner

Aviva Mohilner

Authentic Relating

Daniel Burns

Daniel Burns


Tony Bacigalupo

Tony Bacigalupo


Daniel D’Alonzo

Daniel D’Alonzo


How it works

Lab: we centralized everything you need, all-in-one digital place

Clusters: peer-led groups deepen relationships and explore possibilities

Microlessons: short videos + action steps to deepen your practices

Stakeholders: deeply listen to receive personal shares in totality

Workshops: live sessions with cutting-edge facilitators

Globals: cohort gatherings experience shared sense of humanity

What you'll learn

  • sew yourself into the cultural fabric of an underinvested community
  • deeply listen and sense surroundings to understand their experience
  • cultivate empathy through their lens and move towards compassion
  • invite stakeholders to lead a process of co-evolution and co-creation
  • provide resources, training, and support requested by stakeholders
  • work together to test, iterate, and improve the prototype
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The Work

Module 0: Orientation

Get to know your way around. We’ll walk through the different components of the program to make sure you understand how the pieces work together and how you can set yourself up for success.

Week 1 | Self | Becoming Human Again

This is about getting in touch with your Self. It’s about cultivating a sense of your Self, and building a deeper relationship with your Self. It’s about knowing who you are, what you believe, and what’s important to you. In doing so, it makes it easier to build meaningful connections with others who believe what you believe.

Week 2 | Relationships | Finding the Others

“Go fast alone and far together.” This is about establishing social ties with the people in your local community, in this case, in your cohort of peers, to find the others who believe what you believe. It’s about strengthening those social ties while cultivating empathy and compassion through presencing, deep listening, and storytelling.

Week 3 | Team | Aligning on Purpose

This is about coming together to build empowered, diverse, and inclusive teams to solve big problems. It’s about coming together, making a commitment to yourself and to your team, and establishing a social contract to create the conditions for success. Projects come and go. The right team lasts a lifetime. Or, at least until the end of this program 🙂

Week 4 | Discovery | Stakeholder Conversations

Gain a deeper understanding of the human experience of stakeholders impacted by the problem your team wants to solve. Listen, observe, and be fully present with stakeholders. When you’re in those moments, behind the camera, conducting an interview, we invite you to wonder, “What’s it like to be this person? What would it feel like to be in their shoes?” When someone shares their story with you, what do you feel? Understand the world as it is today. Then, imagine how your team is going to change it.

Week 5 | Challenge | Problem Framing

Based on what you discover during conversations with stakeholders, find connections between their unmet needs and the UN SDGs. Work with your teams and with other teams to get feedback on how you’ll frame the design challenge in a, “How might we… [make it easier] for [this population] to do [this activity].”

Week 6 | Solution | Co-Create Prototype

This is about quickly creating a potential solution (an email, landing page, video, blog post, virtual event, another meeting with you, etc) that you will share with stakeholders that frames the problem and solution in a way that influences stakeholders to take a desired action (reply to an email, click, signup, subscribe, download, RSVP to an event, etc).

Week 7 | Lean + Agile | Continuous Improvement

Establish an easy way for stakeholders to provide you with feedback (Facebook group, online forum, text message, What’s App group, etc) to maintain ongoing communication with stakeholders. Initiate new conversations with people who express interest in your prototype. Learn about current and evolving needs, be in a position to predict upcoming needs, and keep your prototype relevant to meet the moment.

Week 8 | Partnerships | Amplifying Impact

This is about bringing your prototype to more people. You invested the time and effort to bring your solution to life through conversations with stakeholders. Leverage the relationships you’ve built with people in the larger Cooperative Impact community to identify potential partners who can unlock access to larger communities of the people you serve. In some cases, the problem you solve will be a problem that many different people have. Will your solution work for other populations outside of the ones you originally targeted?

Reinvent your role in the world while addressing the most pressing issues of our time.

Whether you’re at a transition in your life and you're looking for meaning and purpose in your career, or you're coming from college looking for your next career move, this experience is designed to serve you in various ways.

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A few of the key things you will learn to do:

  • explain the root causes of the social, environmental, and spiritual challenges preventing our evolution
  • influence behavior change in people you have no hierarchical control over
  • discover and initiate systemic innovations others can quickly adopt to generate well-being for the human race
  • deeply listen, cultivate a sense of Self, and begin to notice your ability to feel your emotional experience
  • establish relationships with stakeholders virtually across geographic divides
  • co-create a prototype that serves your stakeholders

emergent leadership immersion

Learning Ecosystem

Lab: We centralized everything you need, all-in-one-place

Cluster: peer-organized groups deepen relationships and explore possibilities

Microlessons: short videos + action steps to deepen your practices

Stakeholders: conversations with strangers deeply listening to receive their share in totality

Workshops: live sessions with cutting edge facilitators (synchronous/live)

Globals: cohort gatherings to experience shared sense of humanity (synchronous/live)

How it benefits you?

Spend less on learning with greater returns on your investment

Remove the barriers to access cutting-edge training

Connect with in-demand skills for the jobs of tomorrow

Develop long-term, stable career pathways in non-traditional ways

Stand out from the crowd with hands-on experience solving problems your future employers are struggling to solve this very moment

You will learn to:

build a venture to serve the UN Sustainable Development Goals

work with underserved populations to identify an unmet need

create a new program or service to serve an unmet need

cultivate a sense of empathy and compassion for yourself and stakeholders

create, manage, and run meaningful virtual workshops

collaborate on a diverse team around the world