Launch a heart-centered venture that makes an impact.

Emergence 100 Day Incubator

Launch a heart-centered venture that makes an impact. This 100-Day program starts March 1st.

The next step is to attend the Meet & Greet (learn more below), and here’s that link:

How it Works

— You will start from within to build a deeper relationship with yourself so that you may build deeper relations with your peers, partners, families, and friends. 

— You will decide to build a team, or build alone. 

— You will immerse yourself into your community to practice listening. Upon which, you will learn to extract insights from what the data you observe and collect. 

— As a cohort, we will turn your insights into prototypes that you will experiment with until you validate your concept and move towards your first transactions. 

I will be with you every step of the way.


You will receive world class education and ongoing opportunities for growth. In addition to:

— NFT collection with your cultural digital assets that impact humanity

— 12 months free web hosting for the venture(s) you launch

— Private network of founders around the world

— Professional development of intangible soft skills


To be considered for this program, you must complete the following by February 28th:

— Attend Meet & Greet

— Meet one-on-one with myself or another program leader

— Finalize your tuition arrangement (pay now or pay later)

Step #1: Meet & Greet

— Thursday, January 20th at 7pm EST

— Please RSVP on Cooperative Impact’s Facebook page

— At the end of the session, you’ll get the info for Step #2


— Innovation Lab to learn, make, and grow ideas into ventures

— Founder Network to leverage network effects for safety and growth

— Portfolio Projects to build out your virtual estate

— Workshops with cutting edge facilitators from around the world

— One-on-One with program leaders to course correct along the way

— Groups to self organize with your peers and ask for what you need

— Practices to integrate the work into your daily and weekly working life


— Module 1: Becoming Human Again

— Module 2: Finding the Others

— Module 3: Aligning on Purpose

— Module 4: Stakeholder Conversations

— Module 5: Reframing the Problem

— Module 6: Co-Creating a Prototype

— Module 7: Amplifying Your Impact

— Module 8: Exploring Partnerships

More information coming soon.

Thank you.

Daniel Peter D’Alonzo