Module 0: Orientation

Get to know your way around. We’ll walk through the different components of the program to make sure you understand how the pieces work together and how you can set yourself up for success. Access Module 0 →

Module 1: Becoming Human Again

This is about getting back in touch with your humanity. It’s about building a deeper relationship with your Self so that you may build deeper relationships with others.

Module 2: Finding the Others

Now that you are getting to know yourself better, we invite you to communicate with your peers to get to know them better. This about relationship building and finding like-minded people.

Module 3: Aligning on Purpose

You’re cultivating the ability to articulate your beliefs about the world, about life, and about the way things work. It’s time to find others in the cohort who believe what you believe.

Module 4: Stakeholder Storytelling

It’s time for your team to get busy working. In order to know what you will create you must first communicate with stakeholders. Now is the time for scheduling meetings with stakeholders to hear their stories.

Module 5: Reframing the Problem

Based on what you learn during stakeholder storytelling, compiling your findings, and extracting insights your team is able to crystalize the problem you plan to solve with your prototype.

Module 6: Co-Creating a Prototype

Continue following the steps we outline for you in the microlessons to incrementally nurture your stakeholders from being strangers to being bought into the idea of you supporting them by co-creating a solution together.

Module 7: Amplifying Impact

Making a prototype is the easy part. The hard work begins now. Continue working alongside stakeholders to integrate their feedback, and ask for introductions to others who may also benefit from your support.

Module 8: Building Partnerships and Movements

You’ve been nurturing these relationships through the weeks, building trust, getting to know one another, and now is the time to ask for an opportunity to share a potential opportunity to collaborate. Work with your team to prepare and ask questions in the forum. You are going to crush it.

This is the final module. However, we gather one more time for a Global on November 4th. Use the three weeks leading up to that session to work in your clusters to support one another in evolving your prototypes through the feedback you receive from stakeholders using your solution.

Prework to complete before August 24

Module 0 is an orientation module that’s scheduled to be released on this page by the Friday before we start. Completing the module before we begin the program on August 24 is meant to support you in maximizing the benefits of the program, contribute to an increase in the quality of your work, and accelerate the timeline of what you accomplish. That said, we invite you to go at the speed that feels right for you. Whichever option you decide is the “right” way and we here to support you along the journey.

1.1 Changes

Scheduled to be complete by Monday August 24

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Scheduled to be complete by Monday August 24

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