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This program builds on over ten years of our experience-based research and is complimented by practical applications of a diverse network of practitioners coming from various cultural backgrounds. These people consciously invest their time on this planet exploring ways to elevate the collective consciousness, instigate cultural evolution, and move the world forward.

The list below have worked with us in one way or another to co-create knowledge, tools, and methods that expand the limits of what we know as possible. You will meet some of this list during live workshops throughout the cohort, and you’ll see others in the recorded microlessons.


Katrina Michelle, PhD, LCSW
Michael Garbe, DSW, LCSW
Edy Nathan, MA, LCSWR, CST
Magalie René
Jessica Lipman
Amber J Lawson
Aviva Mohilner
Shira Lazar
Jordana Reim
Ezra Bookman
Tony Bacigalupo
Quddus Phillippe
Shireen Idroos
Sarah Sproviero
Helena D. Lewis
Lindsey Pearson
Jenna Nicholas
Sebastien Park
Amanda McCormick
Jamie Lazan
Karina Turtzo
Michael Shawe
Yuko Kudo
Kelly Keefe
Heather Hartnett
Taylor McLemore
Joan P. Ball
Julian Devoe
Michael Ventura
Alam Nusrat
Jo’rell Whitfield
David Sauvage
Rei Chou
Marcos Salazar
Daniel Burns
Daniel P. D’Alonzo
Cohort #1 Fall 2020
Learner names and profile cards will be added shortly.

1.1 Changes

  • scheduled to be complete by Monday, August 24 at 8pm EST
  • improve the team-building experience and create a container for ongoing collaboration across the cohort and into our wider network, you will find clickable profile cards for learners, facilitators, and partners to make it easier to gravitate towards and connect with those who align with you on purpose, values, and supplement your strengths with different strengths.
  • users will have login capabilities to access their profile, make edits, and communicate directly with others in private messages and clusters (groups).