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This program is a living and breathing organism that expands and constricts with the participants. While immersed in this program, you will actively participate in creating new experiences for yourself. Our team will share ideas, methods, and frameworks for you to try them on your own. We look forward to learning how you decide to adopt and modify them to make them your own. The real magic happens when you begin to apply these tools towards a question or real-world challenge in your life.

Expect to spend more time off-screen, engaging with your world than on-screen.

Start thinking about a problem that matters to you – a complex problem that doesn’t seem to have a clear path towards a solution. Invite the problem into your life and approach it with wonder and curiosity. Just as you would get to know a new person in order to build a friendship, get to know the problem that fascinates you the most. We’ll come back to this in the upcoming modules. Hold that thought!


This experience is primarily self-directed. The world expects you to feel confident in making decisions, bringing projects from idea to completion, and we believe in your ability to accomplish those things already. That said, we all encounter moments when we need support. We are here to support you. We’ll be with you along the way, but not to give you “the answers”. Our ambition is to support you in learning how to find answers on your own.

Forum: We recommend bringing all questions, comments, and ideas to the forum. If you have a question it likely means someone else has a similar question. Our intention is to show you the power of supporting one another. We believe you don’t need mentors – you need each other. Perhaps your peer knows the answer and can respond faster than our team. Perhaps your question sparks an idea in your team mate and that leads to a breakthrough in your project. You already have everything you need inside of you. Help one another bring it out.

When you’re active in the forum it also helps us fill gaps in the program. Perhaps we forgot to include proper instructions somewhere or perhaps you notice a better way we can do something. We invite you to share your thoughts with us in the forum. The way we build products is informed by our stakeholder needs – your needs. Let us know when something isn’t working, and don’t hesitate to let us know when things are going well, too 🙂


As the pandemic created disorder it also honored us with an opportunity for a new world to emerge. The virtual nature of our life, work, and school uniquely positions our learners from around the world to align on purpose with the intention of making a cooperative impact, disrupting the way things have always been done, and surfacing profound systemic innovations that shape the “new normal”. We surround you with the frameworks, tools, people, and practices that empower you to create the world you wish to live.


A few of the key things you will learn to do:

  • explain the root causes of the social, environmental, and spiritual challenges preventing our evolution
  • influence behavior change in people you have no hierarchical control over
  • discover and initiate systemic innovations others can quickly adopt to generate well-being for the human race
  • deeply listen, cultivate a sense of Self, and begin to notice your ability to feel your emotional experience
  • establish relationships with stakeholders virtually across geographic divides
  • co-create a prototype that serves your stakeholders


Think about a staircase. Right now, you’re standing at the bottom of the staircase. At the top, is the exciting moment after working hard on a project, it being adopted by stakeholders, and you experience the human impact of your efforts. To get there, you can try to leap from the ground floor all the way to the top. Or, you can take one step at a time. You may only go one step at a time, but each time you arrive at a new step you are closer than you were before.

The modules are designed as a scaffolded experience that bring you through the Four Movements. We invite you to take one step at a time towards the outcome of being a human who sees the possibility for a greater world and has the tools to build teams who launch ventures that make an impact.

What’s in a module?

Each module is comprised of recommended synchronous (live with other people) and asynchronous (on your own) activities / jobs-to-be-done that we learned through experience is a pathway leading to the desired outcome of this program. Modules include some or all of the following:

  • microlessons
  • clusters
  • globals
  • journaling
  • conversations
  • practices
  • forum
  • and more

How to engage with modules?

We will post each week’s module to the hub on Monday mornings by 10am EST.  Each module contains specific actions for you to take at your own pace throughout the week in order to bring yourself through the experience. For now, below is the general outline of the actions for each module. We expect this flow to evolve, expand, contract, and change as we learn what is most effective for you.

We acknowledge you for embracing this new way of learning different from the traditional 16-week/long-term schedule of required activities within the archive of a particular institution. Here, there are no walls to limit your potential.

We will post each week’s module to the hub on Monday mornings by 10am EST.  Each module contains specific actions for you to take at your own pace throughout the week in order to bring yourself through the experience. For now, here’s the general outline of the actions for each module. This roadmap may evolve, it may expand slightly, and we may re-order some activities as we learn what is most effective for you. As we contemplate updates, we’ll give you a heads up so we can hear your perspective before making any decisions.

Module 0: Orientation

Get to know your way around. We’ll walk through the different components of the program to make sure you understand how the pieces work together and how you can set yourself up for success.

Module 1: Becoming Human Again

This is about getting back in touch with our humanity. It’s about building a deeper relationship with our Self so that we may build deeper relationships with others. This is about you.

Module 2: Finding the Others

Now that you are getting to know yourself better, we invite you to communicate with your peers to get to know them better. This about relationship building and finding like-minded people.

Module 3: Aligning on Purpose

You’re cultivating the ability to articulate your beliefs about the world, about life, and about the way things work. It’s time to find others in the cohort who believe what you believe.

Module 4: Stakeholder Storytelling

It’s time for your team to get busy working. In order to know what you will create you must first communicate with stakeholders. Now is the time for scheduling meetings with stakeholders to hear their stories.

Module 5: Reframing the Problem

Based on what you learn during stakeholder storytelling, compiling your findings, and extracting insights your team is able to crystalize the problem you plan to solve with your prototype.

Module 6: Co-Creating a Prototype

Continue following the steps we outline for you in the microlessons to incrementally nurture your stakeholders from being strangers to being bought into the idea of you supporting them by co-creating a solution together.

Module 7: Amplifying Impact

Making a prototype is the easy part. The hard work begins now. Continue working alongside stakeholders to integrate their feedback, and ask for introductions to others who may also benefit from your support.

Module 8: Building Partnerships and Movements

You’ve been nurturing these relationships through the weeks, building trust, getting to know one another, and now is the time to ask for an opportunity to share a potential opportunity to collaborate. Work with your team to prepare and ask questions in the forum. You are going to crush it.

This is the final module. However, we gather one more time for a Global on November 4th. Use the three weeks leading up to that session to work in your clusters to support one another in evolving your prototypes through the feedback you receive from stakeholders using your solution.


There are no tests or exams. This experience is considered pass/fail. To receive a passing grade you must complete at least 65% of the overall activities outlined in each module. This system is based on the honor code. At the end of each week, you’ll go to the “Actions” tab in the forum and self-report the actions you completed from the list.


We issue verified certificates with comprehensive breakdowns of the skills you practiced, the work you completed, the details of your hands-on experiences, and the capabilities you built throughout the program. Depending on the credentials you earn, we will issue you digital badges to embed on your website, portfolio, and LinkedIn profile which signals to employers you have the skills they’re currently seeking from a new hire. PDF certifications are also available. To be eligible for certifications, credentials, and badges you must pay the $99 certificate administrative fee, complete at least 75% of the overall activities outlined in each module, and have your work verified by at least one peer and one facilitator. Verifications are a form of social proof – it proves to employers the depth and efficacy of the program you completed. The more verifications you receive, the more valuable your credential becomes to the economy. We recommend aiming for at least five peer verifications and three facilitator verifications.

This week of Monday, August 17th

Please attend at least one of the two gatherings this week. We’ll walk through the components, pre-work for this week, and get you setup for success.

  • Meet & Greet: Monday 1pm EST [LINK]
  • Meet & Greet: Tuesday 6:30pm EST [LINK]