CI digital apprenticeship

This apprenticeship is a virtual learning and earning experience on a team within a women-owned business contributing to digital projects that meaningfully impact the lives of women around the world.

Start as a beginner and finish as a professional with measurable skills, education, and ability along with an industry-recognized credential signaling to employers the details of your experience.

You will build depth in a range of skill sets:

  • Build Alignment in a Distributed Team
  • Strengthen Social Ties Across Geographic Divides
  • Design Blended Learning Experiences
  • Improve User Experience (UX) of Existing Products
  • Create Visually Pleasing Digital Media Assets
  • Develop and Execute Strategic Marketing Plans
  • Nurture Relationship with Diverse Women Around the World
  • Analyze Metrics to Suggest Strategic Improvements

Cooperative Impact facilitates your paid on-the-job training while supporting you to do your best work within our partner’s organization: (1) Apply (2) Meet with our team (3) Start working by September 1, 2020.

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