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Learning Experience Design Assessment


Yes, I understand who I am today is fluid — I am ready and able to change my perspective on a given topic based on new information.


Yes, I have daily practices in place that honor my desire to show up for life in a way that feels right for me.


Yes, I understand “coming from my head” means thinking and intellectualizing; and dropping into heart means feeling my way through the mysterious inner-self experience that comes up from within my body.


Yes, I know why I exist — the meaning of my life is clear to me.


Yes, I know what is important to me. My code of ethics is integrated into my way of being.


Yes, I have reframed a problem into a vision of the future where the person I serve is able to move herself from surviving to thriving. Imagine a world…


Yes, I continue to gain a deeper understanding of who I serve and what it’s like to be them.


Yes, I have deep knowledge and wisdom driven by my life experiences with these People.


Yes, I have walked alongside these People as an advisor, guide, midwife, doula, and practitioner nurturing them from where they are today to that beautiful, visionary place in the future.


Yes, I have reflected on the Experiences I bring People through to extract an underlying current that drives the Experience and supports People through continuous transformation and growth. Noticing the underlying current has allowed me to distill a phase-driven methodology unique to my process.


Yes, I continue to gather People I work with on this topic to uncover there current challenges and gain a deep understanding of where they are right now in order to inform the design of the work I create with them (Ask Me Anything / Live Q&A / Discussion Threads / Peer-Led Groups / etc).


Yes, I know the specific person who benefits from the specific topic my Learning Experience explores.

Objectives (learners will learn…)

Yes, I know what learners will learn to do as a result of self-directing their way through each phase within my methodology.

Outcomes (learners will create…)

Yes, I know what learners will create for themselves through each phase within my methodology.


Yes, I have broken down the course into modules with a beginning, middle, an end, and each phase of my Methodology included as Modules in the middle (ie: intro/problem, module 1/phase 1, module 2/phase 2, module 3/phase 3, conclusion/problem reframed).

Deliverable: Outline 1.0


Yes, I unpacked each Module into Lessons representing the foundational language and vocabulary People need to understand the Lesson; evaluations/assessments to make it easy for People to know where they are and what to do if they want to move forward; and practices/activities to bring People through the transformation process of where they are to where they are going.

Deliverable: Outline 2.0 with Lessons and each Lesson’s outline included


Yes, I have written out the first draft of the entire Learning Experience as text for People to test/read as-is for quick feedback from potential customers. I worked through several versions integrating improvements based on feedback.

Learning Ecosystem

Yes, I know the components of my Learning Experience that place learners in the center of the nurturing social emotional support, resources, and tools to achieve the Outcomes (cohorts, media type, discussions, special groups, prompts, practices, value adds etc).

Learning experiences built using the Four Movements


Project-based learning experience for visionary leaders to create a cohort-driven program that can evolve themselves, their communities, and the ecosystems that support them.

Emergence is an adaptation from its original 16-week program we first launched in 2010 at Rutgers University. Back then, the learners focused on the community within and around their university. Today, learners have expanded their understanding of community without borders.


21-day immersive experience to learn how to transmute who you are and what you believe into income-producing digital assets.

Worldbuilders is a 21-day immersive retreat experience that was inspired by the 2020 Emergence cohort who turned out to truly be Worldbuilders. We tested the retreat concept in Costa Rica in 2021, and are now gearing up to follow through with the end-to-end journey in November 2022.


Four eight-hour days of experimental workshops to create valuable projects for your world while using business to sustain and maximize your impact.

Cooperative Impact first began as a Social Innovation Unconference. After immersing into the community in 2014, we developed relationships with cross-sector stakeholders who had beautiful stories to share. The event felt like a natural next step.

Cooperative Impact was founded in 2015.

In 2020, we made it official. Cooperative Impact is now registered in the State of New Jersey as a for-profit corporation. We are a social enterprise that is shaping the compassionate future of work and life.

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