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Cooperative Impact


10-day self-directed project-based learning experience to build a deeper relationship with yourself. Learnings are delivered via email with microlessons, activities, and prompts to work through over the course of ten days.

Assets Included:

  • Customized Self-Hosted WordPress
  • Unlimited Landing Pages w Drag & Drop Builder
  • Drag & Drop Form Builder
  • 10-Part Email Sequence

I acknowledge you for refusing to accept the world as it was given to you. This experience invites you to fulfill your highest and most truthful self-expression as a human being. In this experience, you will find a few tools to design your own future.

Sacred Venture

Transmute your higher truth into income-producing digital assets.



Month to month experience that evolves into a three year lifestyle to design adaptive cohort-driven programs as a stepping stone towards the transformation of people, organizations, and society.



Four eight-hour days of a single track gathering to learn how to create valuable projects for your world while using business to sustain and maximize your impact.

Take a peak inside our experiences.

Emergence is an 8-week immersive program that is an adaptation from its original 16-week program we first launched in 2010 at Rutgers University. Back then, the learners focused on the community within and around their university. Today, learners have expanded their understanding of community without borders.

Worldbuilders is a 21-day immersive retreat experience that was inspired by the 2020 Emergence cohort who turned out to truly be Worldbuilders. We tested the retreat concept in Costa Rica in 2021, and are now gearing up to follow through with the end-to-end journey in November 2022.

Cooperative Impact first began as a Social Innovation Unconference. After immersing into the community in 2014, we developed relationships with cross-sector stakeholders who had beautiful stories to share. The event felt like a natural next step.

Cooperative Impact was founded in 2015.

In 2020, we made it official. Cooperative Impact is now registered in the State of New Jersey as a for-profit corporation. We are a social enterprise that is shaping the compassionate future of work. For any questions, please contact

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