Registration for 3-Years to Infinity is open.

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3-Years to Infinity

Build culturally relevant learning experiences for yourself and with your community.

December 1st is our first month. The intention of the first month is to create a space for learners to self-assess where they are right now, opt-in or out to connecting with other learners, and begin to build a personalized learning plan for 2022.

See and feel where you are along the way.

Live Call
Monthly social emotional support call.

Ask Daniel questions anytime on the AMA feed.

Start and stop your membership anytime.

We currently accept one-time payments. Please submit your payment every month to maintain access. At this time, we do not offer refunds. For billing issues, please contact Daniel DAlonzo

Cooperative Impact was founded in 2015.

In 2020, we made it official. Cooperative Impact is now registered in the State of New Jersey as a for-profit corporation. We are a social enterprise that is shaping the compassionate future of work and life.

For any questions, please contact

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