Storytelling for Empathy and Connection

Gain a deeper understanding of the human experience of stakeholders impacted by the problem your team wants to solve. Listen, observe, and be fully present. When you’re in those moments, behind the camera, conducting an interview, we invite you to wonder, “What’s it like to be this person? What would it feel like to be in their shoes?” When someone shares their story with you, what do you feel? Understand the world as it is today. Then, imagine how your team is going to change it.

This is about “getting out of the building” (virtually!) to communicate with people impacted by the problem you want to solve.

To make an impact requires a person to sew themselves into the cultural fabric of the specific community she hopes to serve. You will learn to make an impact in whatever community you currently reside and have legitimate access to.


The Red Thread Experience [Reviewed]

“We brought our different perspectives together where they all existed as a new energy. In that energy, I can see a new world emerge. I long for that world.” -Oluwafunmilola, Africa

Emergent Leadership

The person who patiently waits until she can see the vision with more clarity can quickly rise up to overtake the situation.

The Four Movements as a Methodology

Evidence-based methodology to evolve people, organizations, and social systems to serve the root causes of today’s social, environmental, and spiritual challenges.

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