Module 6: Co-Creating a Prototype

This is about quickly creating a potential solution (an email, landing page, video, blog post, virtual event, another meeting with you, etc) that you will share with stakeholders that frames the problem and solution in a way that influences stakeholders to take a desired action (reply to an email, click, signup, subscribe, download, RSVP to an event, etc).


The Red Thread Experience [Reviewed]

“We brought our different perspectives together where they all existed as a new energy. In that energy, I can see a new world emerge. I long for that world.” -Oluwafunmilola, Africa

Emergent Leadership

The person who patiently waits until she can see the vision with more clarity can quickly rise up to overtake the situation.

The Four Movements as a Methodology

Evidence-based methodology to evolve people, organizations, and social systems to serve the root causes of today’s social, environmental, and spiritual challenges.

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