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Activate, identify, and leverage pleasure for career enhancement and for making a greater impact in the world.

Learn to use mindfulness strategies and philosophy to integrate pleasure and entrepreneurship while deepening your relationship with yourself. This workshop will address these questions:

  • Do you know what your ‘hell yes’ feels like? Do you follow that ‘hell yes’ in business?
  • Do you trust your intuition? How can you begin to increase the power of your intuition to support career growth and aligned living?
  • How does your attachment style directly relate to your capacity to experience pleasure (and how can you repair your attachment injury using mindfulness)?
  • What holds us back from leaning into different forms of pleasure in our culture (and how can we intentionally undo these structures)?
  • How can we measure and leverage the wisdom of pleasure to support aligned living?
  • How can we use pleasure, harnessed by mindfulness, to drive our business and careers forward with ultimate momentum and energy?
  • What does it look like tactically do the work of cultivating or identifying pleasure?

These questions point us toward the nuanced portal that leads to our life’s work (and the ways in which we make decisions that impact our career, our legacy and our societal contribution). The way we orient toward our inner voice directly scaffolds our unique professional signature as movers and shakers.

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