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Cooperative Impact

Sacred skills.

We leverage unique combinations of skills and tools at various moments of turning our soul’s purpose into a sacred venture. Below, you will find the skills listed as they pertain to each of the Four Movements. We invite you to pull from this list when building your own sacred ventures. Don’t forget to let us know what we missed!


Understands who they are, what’s important to them, and how they invest their time.

Actively cultivates sensitivity to other’s feelings.

Recognizes when a person is suffering and takes action to provide support.

Openly shares their feelings with peers and instructors to support the strengthening of social bonds and building of trust.

Practices active and deep listening in personal and professional environments.

Open, willing, and able to change directions.

Natural motivation leads to their ability to bounce back from failures and missteps.


Relationship Building
Comfortable initiating and participating in one-on-one conversations with new people and existing peers.

Organizational Culture
Self-organized a team with their peers and intentionally defined the cultural elements of the organization.

Social Diversity
Evaluates existing team differences in backgrounds/beliefs and works with team to define specific ways to include more diverse perspectives.

Distributed Teamwork
Well-practiced in collaborating with team members across a range of continents, time zones, and backgrounds.

Digital Fluency
Highly literate in technology, quickly adopts new tools, and able to source digital solutions based on current challenges.

Virtual Meetings
Collaborates with team members to organize meeting times, schedule calendar invites, and facilitate virtual meetings.

Internet Collaboration
Participate in synchronous/asynchronous team collaboration so all team members participate in projects based on time zone availability.


Ethnographic Research
Immersed into a community to build relationships, gain a deeper understanding of the people, and begin to identify unmet needs.

Complex Problem Solving
Independently navigated an ambiguous problem space to conduct a range of research methods in pursuit of a research question / problem statement.

Social Venture Prototyping
Analyzed research findings to uncover insights into opportunities to launch a venture that makes an impact on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

CSS / HTML / WordPress
Modified existing HTML and CSS. Wrote new CSS from scratch using a live CSS editor on WordPress.


Actively seeks out and builds relationships with marginalized people with the intention of including their voice in the main conversation.

Cross-Sector Partnerships
Develops strategic relationships with collaborators across the social systems in order to maximize and sustain a collective impact on specific social and environmental problems.

Social Diversity II
Values and embraces diversity in the workplace including gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and age. Leveraging social and cultural differences to redefine social norms and generate new ideas. Using professionalism and interpersonal skills to establish rewarding relationships with diverse individuals and groups.

Learning experiences built using the Four Movements


Project-based learning experience for visionary leaders to create a cohort-driven program that can evolve themselves, their communities, and the ecosystems that support them.

Emergence is an adaptation from its original 16-week program we first launched in 2010 at Rutgers University. Back then, the learners focused on the community within and around their university. Today, learners have expanded their understanding of community without borders.


21-day immersive experience to learn how to transmute who you are and what you believe into income-producing digital assets.

Worldbuilders is a 21-day immersive retreat experience that was inspired by the 2020 Emergence cohort who turned out to truly be Worldbuilders. We tested the retreat concept in Costa Rica in 2021, and are now gearing up to follow through with the end-to-end journey in November 2022.


Four eight-hour days of experimental workshops to create valuable projects for your world while using business to sustain and maximize your impact.

Cooperative Impact first began as a Social Innovation Unconference. After immersing into the community in 2014, we developed relationships with cross-sector stakeholders who had beautiful stories to share. The event felt like a natural next step.

Cooperative Impact was founded in 2015.

In 2020, we made it official. Cooperative Impact is now registered in the State of New Jersey as a for-profit corporation. We are a social enterprise that is shaping the compassionate future of work and life.

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