The Red Thread Experience [Reviewed]

Thin Red Thread Series

The intention of this page is to speak into what the experience is like for Thin Red Thread participants.

Below are reviews of the experience from participants of the Red Thread event that took place on Wednesday, November 4th, 2020.

“We brought our different perspectives together where they all exist as a new energy. In that energy, I see a new world emerge. I long for that world.” -Oluwafunmilola, Africa

“I felt so comfortable it was like I was innovating, worldbuilding, and laughing with some of my closest friends. A dream! Since we were from all around the globe my curiosity and attention was completely grabbed. The tone of Vulnerability and authenticity was set right off the bat which created that unique space of familiarity, kinship and unity.” Megan, Spiritual Practitioner, USA

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“I knew that we all share more in common than many of us realize, but getting the chance to take the time to share personal stories and really listen to the similarities and reflect on them was energizing, especially during these times when we are so physically distant from everyone else. It is easy to forget that we have experienced the same things, but in our unique contexts, and this event was a much-needed reminder of the communities that we have around us.” -Emily, Recently entered the new economy from college, USA

“I came in unsure what to expect, and was so pleased to be met with assurance that this is a space where you could leave expectations at the door and simply be. With the container created with pure heart and presence, deep connection and profound wisdom was shared among us all so quickly. If I were to put the sensation that was created through my being from this night, it would be the same word that came to me when feeling into the feelings of the New Earth we are building together…Home.” -Kelly, Spiritual Practitioner, USA

“They say that once you taste thrill, you are left wanting more. Something similar happened to me after the Thin Red Thread gathering. We shared anecdotes and life stories. Vulnerability was present, protected, and shared. Everything came together so beautifully. Cooperative Impact always tries to end calls with everyone saying, “I feel your love and I am sending you love”. It still manages to give me goosebumps every time I say it.” – Vinayak, Entrepreneur, India

“It was great in this time of uncertainty to have an opportunity to connect with others looking to make our communities kinder, brighter, and full of possibility. The thin red thread became visible in the first few minutes of introductions even though I didn’t vocalize them. That was magical.” -Jamie, Doctorate in Social Innovation, Entrepreneur, USA

“Last night was an amazing experience. It’s always a great time seeing new and familiar faces. I loved hearing everyone’s unique stories.” -Elijah, College Student, USA

“It pushes my creativity further than any school assignment has. There are such amazing people here, some who I relate directly, and I enjoy learning about their journey. Just like these amazing people, I want to do something amazing and be able share my journey one day.” -Damaris, College Student, USA

“It’s time. It’s time for humanity to shine and it’s going to take humans to do it. The humans who are the sort to make this possible were here, together, in this place, in this space. We came together not knowing what would happen, what we would say, what the agenda was. And what happened was perfect. We sat in possibility, brought vulnerability, and saw each other. The solutions for the global community we want to make are born in such incubation. ‘Yes and’ was alive and this starting point, this continuation point of real outcomes for building a newer, safer global reality for all was what I felt.” Daniel B, Husband, Father, Business Owner, Australia

Thin Red Thread Series

“One of the reasons I went to the experience is to share my beliefs around working together. I described the ‘what and why’ behind the Red Thread experience by talking about penguins. Have you seen the way penguins take care of one another? They huddle. In the arctic freeze they look out for one another. They take turns being in the middle. When one of them needs support the others wrap them in nurturing love. What would become possible if we took turns being the middle?” -Daniel D, Founder, USA


The Red Thread Experience [Reviewed]

“We brought our different perspectives together where they all existed as a new energy. In that energy, I can see a new world emerge. I long for that world.” -Oluwafunmilola, Africa

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