Shaping the compassionate future of work

Modern skills training in emotional intelligence, community development, social innovation, and venture design.


Uplevel your EQ, develop stronger communities, innovate solutions that serve stakeholders, and design impactful ventures.

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Future-proof your leadership and teams with an evaluation to uncover blindspots and receive learning pathways aligned with your goals.

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Fall 2020

Launch a Venture That Makes an Impact

Launch a Venture That Makes an Impact

AUGUST 24TH PROGRAM FILLED → Emerging Leaders is an 8-week skills development program for learners designing a venture serving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

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Lifelong Learning Mini-Course

Lifelong Learning Mini-Course

8 VIDEO MICROLESSONS Take your development into your own hands. This mini-course is a good place to start exploring new tools and new ways of being to support you on your path.

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Core Training Programs

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Become human again on the journey to be and know.

Example Skills: empathy, compassion, kindness, sense of self, self trust, confidence, self-awareness, self expression, identify personal values and purpose, listening, regulation

Community Development

Community Development

Find the others to align on a purpose for change.

Example Skills: vulnerability, intimacy, psychological safety, alignment, clarity of vision, ethnographic research, empathy mapping, persona canvas, conducting stakeholder interviews

Social Innovation

Social Innovation

Create tomorrow by finding the need and servIng it.

Example Skills: resilience, adaptability, creativity, problem-solving, experience design, journey mapping, jobs-to-be-done, value prop canvas, build a minimum viable product, design thinking

Venture Design

Venture Design

Implement lasting change that sticks.

Example Skills: customer discovery, business model design, building strategic partnerships, cooperative work models, productizing services into scaleable solutions


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The ROI of Compassion

The ROI of Compassion

The future of work is compassionate. Explore the tangible value of practicing radical compassion for the organizations and leaders who commit to it.

Applied Empathy

Applied Empathy

Empathy is not a soft skill. It’s a practice. Learn to make empathy a meaningful skill in your leadership, problem solving, and personal development.

Company on Purpose

Company on Purpose

Companies play an important role in their communities. Explore meaningful and authentic operating models that make a difference.

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Aviva Mohilner

Authentic Relating

Quddus Phillippe


Amber J Lawson


Michael Ventura


Yuko Kudo


Heather Hartnett

Venture Capital

Taylor McLemore

Venture Capital

Karina Turtzo


Michael Shawe


Kelly Keefe


Joan P. Ball

Service Design

Julian Devoe

Plant Medicine

Eduardo Placer

Fearless Communication

Alam Nusrat


Jo’rell Whitfield


Daniel Burns


Daniel D’Alonzo


Marcos Salazar


Shireen Idroos


Helena D. Lewis


Lindsey Pearson


David Sauvage


Rei Chou


Magalie René


Jenna Nicholas

Impact Investing

Jessica Lipman


Sebastien Park

Business Design

Amanda McCormick


Ezra Bookman


Tony Bacigalupo


Jamie Lazan


Shira Lazar


Jordana Reim


Katrina Michelle

Spiritual Emergence

Michael Gatbe

Spiritual Emergence

Edy Nathan

Spiritual Emergence

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This is a supportive space for heart-centered leaders like you to have future-facing conversations coming from a place of possibility.



The Cooperative Impact Collaboratory is an experimental space for discovering new methods that push the limits of life and work.

Based on where you are and where you want to go our platform crafts a pathway to support you.

Evaluate your needs, understand your goals, and immerse yourself in a personalized pathway of projects, workshops, microlessons, and peer support to build your capacity, develop and apply new skills in realtime work scenarios, and reach your next milestone in life and work.

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Based on evaluation discovery, future-facing trainers, facilitators, and educators design cutting-edge learning experiences.

Are you a trainer, facilitator, or educator who wants to design learning experiences for your teams, communities, or other learners on our platform?

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"We need a new learning ecosystem that addresses the evolving demands for new knowledge and training throughout our longer work lives." -Michelle R. Weise, Chief Innovation Officer at Strada Education Network

Cooperative Impact is a for-profit company founded in 2020 to support lifelong learners through practical experiences that cultivate their superpowers, help them navigate uncertainty, and give them tools to shape the “new normal”.

Our mission is to equip more women, minorities, and non-traditional learners with social mobility by nurturing a diverse community that inspires them in their lifelong pursuit to become compassionate innovators, authentic creators, and critical linchpins bridging the old world with the new economy.

Did you know? In June, we ran a four-day social innovation unconference. Learners built a deeper relationship with themselves and others to create valuable projects for the world while using business to sustain and maximize their impact.

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