We're building a school for worldbuilders.

Cooperative Impact is for the person who refuses to accept the world that was given to her. She wakes up everyday inspired and excited to be a part of something bigger than herself. She's an independent thinker with her own point of view. She wants to meet good people, create meaningful projects, and build companies that change the way we live, work, and play. That's what she's all about, and that's what she does here at the school for worldbuilders.

What we do

Human Venture Lab →

Human is a digital ecosystem of tools and resources for building ventures that make our world a good place.

Emergent Leadership →

An 8-week cohort-driven learning experience to launch a venture impacting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Social Innovation Unconference →

A four-day immersive event with a single-track, over 25 facilitators from around the world, and participants learning to integrate superpowers like empathy, compassion, and vulnerability into their life, work, and play.