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Social Innovation Conference

Sustainable solutions to social problems

May 14, 2015

This social innovation conference encourages New Jersey stakeholders to collaborate

We are a passionate movement of innovators, entrepreneurs, teachers, doctors, lawyers, government officials, and community members.


Liz Lempert

Mayor of Princeton, NJ

Liz has a collaborative leadership style that results in people working together to affect meaningful change. She builds on a movement of civic participation to reshape government.

Morgan Berman


Forbes "30 Under 30", Top 10 Women to Watch by the United Nations Foundation, named a "Global Shaper" by the World Economic Forum, and the list goes on.

Christine Symington

Sustainable Princeton

Christine spent a decade climbing the ranks in the financial tech industry. Learn how she transitioned to the community, and secured funding to create employment for herself.

Mahan Rishi Singh

Khalsa Healing Arts & Yoga Center

Mahan Rishi is an international teacher who has been leading retreats and yatras (spiritual pilgrimages) to India, Nepal and
Tibet over the past 25 years.

Jane Reagan

Along the Way

Jane is the co-founder of Along the Way, an organization providing informal services to women. Learn how she transitioned after 30 years in the pharmaceutical industry.

Laura Jordan


Laura is a recognized leader in cutting edge social enterprise and sustainability policy. She registered the first-ever benefit corporation in 2010, and is a "B Corp Champion" by B Labs.

Allison Sosna


Allison is the food entrepreneur known for “bringing more to the table”. She is the founder of the MicroGreens nonprofit, and Principal of the Allison Sosna Group Benefit LLC.

Tineke Thio, PhD

Princeton Climate Change

Tineke is a climate communicator working to raise awareness of climate change and of solutions leading to climate resilience. She holds Ph.D. in physics from MIT.

Gery Juleff

Green Hour Radio

Gery served 25 years as a British diplomat where he led a team in London dealing with Climate Change, Renewable Energy Technology and Energy Security policy issue.

Nikki Rappaport

Cava Grill

Nikki is the creative director for the fast-casual restaurant from D.C. making its way to new cities. They partner with local nonprofits, food producers, and sustainable farms.

Leslie Burger

Executive Director, Princeton Public Library

Learn how she positions the library as the backbone of a civically engaged community and a place where social entrepreneurs find what they need to succeed.

Aria McKenna

The Global Cooling Project

Aria is an actress who figured out a way to use her art to make an impact on the world. Learn how she used a failed crowdfunding campaign to launch a social enterprise.

Joel Hammon

Princeton Learning Cooperative

Joel quit his stable and secure teaching job to co-found Princeton Learning Cooperative. He is helping to lead an international movement to re-imagine how we educate young people.

James Cox

Devon Financial

James is a financial advisor specializing in managing assets through socially responsible investing. His clients are entrepreneurs and
the people who fund them.

Daniel DAlonzo

Cooperative Impact, Founder

Daniel is building a playbook for cultivating collaborative ecosystems in new cities across the nation. He brings creators and organizations together in a meaningful way.

Location of Conference

1200 Old Trenton Road West Windsor, NJ 08550

What is social innovation?

Social innovation is when we all work together to make the world a better place. It's that simple. We believe business can be used as a powerful vehicle for impact. We take a future-facing approach to change that comes from a place of possibility. We speak, act, and dream from the world we are creating. This empowers us to shape the emerging future with intention. Here's how we do it...


Cultivate empathy to deepen the relationship with yourself & others.


Sew yourself into the cultural fabric to identify unmet needs.


Co-create value to serve those unmet needs.


Attach a business model to the value to maximize impact.


Princeton Garden Theater

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