Daniel Peter D'Alonzo

Social Innovation Unconference

4-day social innovation unconference includes recorded keynotes, panels, workshops, and movement sessions with 20+ facilitators from around the world.

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Cooperative Impact

School for Worldbuilders

Cooperative Impact is for the person who refuses to accept the world that was given to them. It's for the person who wakes up everyday inspired and excited to be a part of something bigger than themself. They are the independent thinker with their own point of view. They want to meet good people, create meaningful projects, and build companies that change the way we live, work, love, and play. That's what they are all about, and that's what they do here at the school for worldbuilders.


This conference is about creating opportunity for Americans.

Learn how to overcome social and environmental challenges by creating sustainable projects in the local community. Listen to personal stories from courageous community members who are changing the world.

Unlock Our Potential

  • understand consciousness and your role in the world
  • prepare your mind to germinate new ideas
  • follow your gut to create value for your community

Community Engagement

  • plugin to the local community
  • connect with projects you feel passionate about
  • learn from community members about the obstacles they face
  • use new media to explore and understand social problems
  • create projects without any previous knowledge of technology

Project Incubation

  • connect with rising projects to find people to mentor
  • attach revenue models to existing community initiatives
  • add a double-bottom-line to your business
  • build startups that solve social problems

Sustainable Business

  • measure the social impact of your efforts
  • innovative strategies for generating revenue to support your cause
  • private equity crowdfunding, peer-lending, and public funding
  • connect with impact investors to expose yourself to new funding
  • work cooperatively to purchase goods and services at reduced costs