Daniel Peter D'Alonzo

Social Innovation Unconference

4-day social innovation unconference includes recorded keynotes, panels, workshops, and movement sessions with 20+ facilitators from around the world.

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Cooperative Impact

School for Worldbuilders

Cooperative Impact is for the person who refuses to accept the world that was given to them. It's for the person who wakes up everyday inspired and excited to be a part of something bigger than themself. They are the independent thinker with their own point of view. They want to meet good people, create meaningful projects, and build companies that change the way we live, work, love, and play. That's what they are all about, and that's what they do here at the school for worldbuilders.

Get Involved


  • Plan the next conference
  • Secure speakers to attend event; research and plan out breakout session content
  • Plan logistics, refreshments, and supplies for the day-of
  • Secure sponsors and partner organizations for the event
  • Reach across to various campus groups and departments for additional conference content and support

Speakers Team

  • Secure, communicate with, and manage TEDx
  • Plan and orchestrate post-TEDx mixer
  • Rent media and stage equipment/decorate stage for day-of
  • Collaborate with Princeton Impact Project to coordinate at least two speaker events leading up to the conference

Competition Team

  • Plan the stages of competition, identify and confirm judges, etc
  • Work with advisors and impact investor network to secure prize funding
  • Collaborate with PIP and AHI for mentorship program

Web Team

  • Maintain and update
  • Construct web pages for any CI events


  • Design (1)
    • Create designs and posters for any CI events or promo literature
  • Content (2)
    • Create content for the website in the form of blog posts, news articles, and multimedia presentations
    • Lead a team to create a semesterly publication meant to highlight the student and university efforts to increase the social impact that Princeton has on its campus, local community and the world.
  • Marketing (2)
    • Lead efforts to market and advertise any CI events
Cooperative Impact Social Innovation Unconference 2020
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Breathwork Group Sunday at 10am PST

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