FAQs Emerging Leaders

What do we look for in candidates?

We’re looking for the risk-takers and system-shakers. The independent thinkers with their point of view. The people who ask “why, why, why”. The creators. The innovators who see opportunity where others see obstacles. The resilient ones who believe there is something more to life. If you’re interested in aligning your purpose with your work, creating new ways to serve your stakeholder community, and strengthening social ties with change-makers around the world then this program is for you.

When does the experience begin?

This 60-day journey begins Monday, August 24th and is for compassionate innovators to explore their stakeholder community to uncover shared needs instructing the design of a new venture (program, event, video, product, service) to launch, test, and validate.

What is the cost to participate?

We make learning accessible through free tuition. Learners have the option to invest in our verified certifications, credentials, and badges to showcase their new capabilities and superpowers on their resume, portfolio, and LinkedIn profile.

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